Merry Christmas in July

Can you imagine that we didn’t believe our eyes? We had a whole day of rain, rain, rain, sitting in the ‘Aufenthaltraum’ with shrieking children, Sponge Bob and the Tour de France (televisions should be forbidden in this kind of rooms). We ate out in the Bünderstube where they make a lovely vegetarian rösti with the yummiest grilled peppers, we drove home in the rain, brushed our teeth in the rain, went to sleep with rain. Waking up we heard different kinds of noises. Was it the revolt of the squirrels and were they throwing cones to our tent? And what was that shuffling sound? What were the dark spots on the tent? Inside our tent it was 4 degrees Celsius (= 39.2 degrees Fahrenheit), so we dressed in a lot of layers before we went outside and couldn’t believe our eyes. We made pictures for our christmas cards and started to shovel away snow. In this summer winter wonder land we walked to the village. It’s cold here. Yes.

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