cycle rack dressed to kill

This was KIP (Knitting in Public) weekend for me and I probably knitted less than not KIP weekends. But I had so much fun.

Saturday I made my contribution to make the city more beautiful with knit work: call it urban knitting. The cycle racks (fietsnietjes) were dressed in tight dresses, making a colorful picture in area of the Westergasfabriek. It was organized by BreiWerkWest and to be honest I really did like the result.

The weather was no fun at all and we finished during the first half of the football match. Tried to watch somewhere inside of the several cafes in the Westerpark but every place was crowded and noisy. I went home and managed to make such a weird movement that I heard my back snap. It hurts.

Aching back or not, nothing could withheld me from seeing ‘Nijinsky’, Cédric Ygnace really gave a masterful performance of the life of this dancer,of whom very little film images are saved.

Falling down ...

The European Fiber Network (EFN) organized a wild hunt through Amsterdam. An act for 3 women, 3 wip’s, one camera and lots of creativity. Not particularly knitting creativity. We had to take pictures of several very Amsterdam things with a WIP, like endangered species, non knitters, animals, draw bridges, museums, trams, coffee shops, etc. We were so lucky to find an endangered species that was a non knitter and an animal at the same time that was willing to knit for us. I managed to fall again and also managed to take a pictures of that. Not for the competition, alas, falling knitters didn’t get you points.

Afterward we gathered in the OBA restaurant on the 7th floor. It would be nice to make OBA our regular knitting place for the Mondays. Enough light and big tables. Cassandra and Miranda added up our points and yeah…. Nancy, Jacky and I were the winning team. But in fact, everybody was a winner. It was a lovely afternoon, ladies. Thank you for organizing it!

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