This has been my backyard for 2 weeks and it was good. Especially because they had decided to silence the churchbells after November 11th. We lived here almost the life of the farmers of Onoz, a little village in the French Jura. We did have a well equiped kitchen, and because we for once had time enough we made the most delicious dishes. And… we hiked. 

 We made wonderful trips à pied and with the car. We saw quite a lot of the Jura. On the whole the weather was good, sometimes even lovely with sun and some snow. We only had two days of rain. Not bad at the end of the year.

 I even found some great yarn: Phildar Soie that comes in shades of grey. Very difficult to photograph and very subtle. Even the colours on the online shop aren’t correct. It’s beautifully soft and I plan to make the Raha Scarf from Knitted Lace of Estonia by Nancy Bush.

I frogged a lot. Firm decisions. There is too little knitting time to go for imperfect projects or otherwise things that aren’t the way you like it. I knitted a lot on Mart’s Sweater, which is coming out fine. It’s from pure Alpaca and he was very amazed to see the animals when they made the front page of the papers.

I finished one of these Mad Weaver Socks (Ravelry link). They look very complicated but just do as the pattern says and it’s a piece of cake. Only thing is that they are so very small, but they will be just right for my little cousin. The yarn is great. It’s hand dyed Trekking, colour Trinidad, and it’s wonderful to knit with. It feels like it will be great socks to wear.

  I finished these (Ravelry link). This was knitting with handicaps. One of my harmony needles broke on them and though those needles come in six because you never know, I couldn’t find that sixth needle. I really should have used a bigger size needles than 2.5 (european) for this yarn from Gerda’s Wolwereld. They don’t feel at all like a nice wear, but surprise, surprise, they are great on the feet and, thanks to the pattern, are a great fit too.

Well, that’s it, folks. Tomorrow back to work.

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